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Also known as the mainframe, System z is the best kept IT secret.

System z is IBM’s enterprise computer platform running most of the world’s banks, airlines, insurance and financial institutions, global retailers and healthcare providers. It backs the majority of the world’s business data, holding the data that is the blood of an organisation. Most business transactions touch System z as part of their processing cycle. We all rely on it on a day to day basis and yet surprisingly, it is only 6.8% of all IT budget/spend*. * IDC Q3 2013

The System z hardware platform runs enterprise strength operating systems such as z/OS, zVM, zLinux and zTPF. In the majority of medium to large sized organisations, these operating systems manage the bulk of the business data; they deliver high volume online transaction processing and unparalleled offline/batch processing volumes. Customers connect using all manner of access points, from traditional CICS and IMS to Web Servers, Java based Application Servers and Mobile devices.

Whilst System z has a higher entry point cost base than many other solutions, the TCO and TCA is incomparable, providing the most cost efficient solution for enterprise computing by some distance. It has been delivering Cloud style services long before the current trend for this approach to IT as a Service.

System z is the unsung hero of modern IT processing, it is the foundation on which most of our day to day IT needs are fulfilled.