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Paul Arnerich is a respected System z consultant who has worked on every major platform in the IBM Mainframe/Enterprise offering. He has been involved in over 200 UK and EMEA customer projects/implementations. Paul splits his time between high end consultancy, new technology implementation projects and training. He has a proven background in z/OS systems programming, z/OS Unix, storage management, security administration, application server management and architecture, technical services and all aspects of I/S management. Paul has been working with Systems z and its forbears since the late 70’s.

He has been involved in training all levels of System zEngineers for 25 years. In recent years his training skills have been in high demand due to the ageing talent pool in the System z arena and he has been able to support customers with their new crops of System zEngineers, in both the technical details of the operating system, as well as the philosophy and operational processes of “the mainframe”. In addition, he has aided the development and delivery of System z certification programmes, for IBMs internal teams and other System z related vendors.

Tony Amies has been working with System z and its predecessors since 1978, working as a Systems Programmer, Consultant, Systems Software Developer and for the last fourteen years an Architect. Although skilled in System z internals, he has specialist knowledge of networking and communications, spanning SNA, TCP/IP and hybrid technologies such as Enterprise Extender, together with in-depth specialist knowledge of network management and monitoring.

Tony was pivotal in the early days of SNA to TCP/IP migration helping many major organisations across the world cope with the transition. In recent years he has been involved in the design and delivery of leading edge systems software solutions on System z to improve the manageability of systems whilst reducing costs. Tony has been a frequent speaker at SHARE (USA) and GSE (UK).

Jason Franks' first experience of an IBM Mainframe was an IBM 3083 running MVS/SP in 1984. Since 1984, he has over 30 years experience with System z working in Systems Programming, Service Delivery Management and Infrastructure Architecture. These roles have been in the UK, Europe, and South East Asia. Working predominately in the finance sector with the odd excursion working with a number of Software Vendors. This has given him extensive experience of running proof of concepts and benchmarks with a specific focus of running applications under z/OS USS and zWebSphere.